Most. Overrated. Song. Ever.

This list immediately endeared itself to me by placing "American Pie" in the number one spot. My god that song has always annoyed me...pretty much for the exact same reasons posited here.

Were I to have been eligible to nominate a song for the list, it would have to be Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville."

I've never understood the whole Jimmy Buffett/"Parrothead" thing and this song is the anthem of that movement. What anyone finds appealing about paying fifty bucks or so to go to a suburban amphitheater with a bunch of stumbling drunk baby boomers and frat boys while you listen to some hack in a Hawaiian shirt play the same trite songs he's been playing for the past 30 years is beyond me.

And they lyrics! Absolutely awful. You get these faux-blues observations like I blew out my flip-flop/Stepped on a pop-top/Cut my heel had to cruise on back home mixed with such a clever progressively-changing line in the chorus wherein our narrator slowly comes to admit that his "problems" (Problems? Only if you define hanging out at a beach all summer and getting drunk as a sorrowful existence) are actually his own fault, apparently for driving his woman away.

Spare me.