Two Links

Two things that I read this morning that caused me to nod my head in deep agreement.

The first, from Slashdot. Yes, when you can't write a coherent English sentence, electronically or otherwise, it makes you look stupid.

The other, from Kevin Drum. Being over here, I'm not subjected to all this Tom Cruise nonsense unless I seek it out. But I do wonder why, when the subject of Scientology and Psychiatry comes up with this moron, no one asks him basic questions about Scientology? Sure, the basic tenants of Christianity would sound a bit wacky too, if you changed the names and the time period and removed a lot of the aspects of it that we are all familiar with. But that's the point; everyone is familiar with them. You don't have to ask professed Christians if they really believe that 2000 years ago some carpenter was born to a Virgin, performed some miracles, was executed, rose from the dead, and then ascended into heaven in corporeal form, thus ensuring that humanity can spend their after-life in heaven. Everyone knows that!

I doubt much of the world is familiar with the basic tenets of Scientology; namely that 75 million years agoan alien dictator crashed rockets (that looked just like a DC-8!) full of millions of aliens into the earth then subsequently nuked them with H-bombs, all to deal with an overpopulation problem. Now the spirits of those aliens are inhabiting your body, causing you problems, and holding you back from your full potential. Oh, and that alien dictator is still alive and imprisoned in volcanos.

If journalists would actually ask questions of these wackadoo celebrities, people might stop taking them so seriously and the "church" of Scientology might be stopped from suckering people out of the money and their lives.