Last night, the fair Mrs. Connard thought it would be a good idea to get some culture and go visit the theater. In order to accomodate my nowhere near fluent knowledge of Russian, the selected play was "All of Shakespeare in One Night." One of those wacky things where the performing troupe will run through the basics of all of Shakespeare's plays in 120 minutes, usually to lots of laughs. Oh yeah, and did I mention it was all in Russian?

Anyway, I was pretty much able to understand all of the Shakespeare translated from the English pretty well, but everything else was kind of tough to follow. I still have a bit of a lag time in processing what I'm hearing and inevitably I end up getting hung up on a certain word that makes me miss a bunch of other words and the whole comprehension thing just spirals out of control. I'd get the jokes...but at best it'd be about 2 minutes after everyone else did. What got me was how many people there were in the audience. I never would have guessed that Shakespeare was even mildly popular in this part of the world. Who knew?

Anyway, it was a reasonably enjoyable time, and Mrs. Connard seemed to enjoy herself thoroughly, so that's all that really matters. The theater was followed up by a very pleasant outdoor meal at an Italian place we like near the Golden Gate. Good times had by all.