How asinine is this?

It's shit like this that drives me absolutely nuts sometimes about DC. Never mind that DC Baseball teams have been wearing a "W" on their cap since 1908 (for the years there was a team in Washington)... some morons can't bring themselves to buy a Washington Nationals cap because they hate the other "W" so freaking much.

"They say, 'W? Does that stand for Bush?' " said Gary Berned, speaking of fans that visit his kiosk.

Argh! How about this. If you're going to go to a Nats' home game and you have to ask what the "W" on their hats stands for, you're just not allowed to buy that hat or any other merchandise. Period. Someone put me in charge so I can decree this.

Seriously, do you think there were people in Boston that stopped (or started) wearing Boston College gear or were people running out and trying to find British Colombia Lions hats between 1992 and 2000 just because the initials matched up with the then-president?

And than there's this quote from the same article: It's not unlike the difference between people who call the airport by the Potomac "National" and those who refer to it as "Reagan."

Errr...no. For sane people, the dividing line between calling the airport "Reagan" and calling it "National" is whether or not you lived in Washington before 1998 when National Airport was renamed.

Goddammit, keep Washington for Washingtonians!