Stepping Back?

Last week Publius noted that during Yushenko's visit to Washington, he and President Bush signed a declaration that they would promote democracy in Belarus and Cuba.

Well, it looks like the Cubans weren't too happy about that.

A [Cuban] government delegation that was in Kiev at the moment cut short its visit and Havana issued a protest to the Ukrainian Foreign ministry.

Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Eumelio Caballero Rodriguez said “it is incredible for us that the president of such a friendly country as Ukraine joined the strategy of the United States that has been for the last 40 years carrying out an aggression against our country through economic blockades and by staging over 600 terrorist acts against our country.”

As a side note, I saw this article while looking through the ITAR-TASS website. ITAR-TASS is, of course, the Russian State Central Information Agency. The headline ITAR wrote up for this piece was:

"Ukraine plays down scandal with Belarus, Cuba"

How exactly is it 1) a Scandal or 2) playing down said "Scandal" when the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says things like:

“...we proceed from the notion that true friends can always frankly speak about existing problems...The development of democracy, respect and protection of basic freedoms and human rights are the cornerstone of the activities of the new Ukrainian authority in the domestic and foreign policy. We follow with interest the development of democratic processes in every state...”

I suppose that in this instance, I should consider the source.