Yushenko Visits Congress

Just watched Yushenko address congress through a C-SPAN internet feed. They acutally televised it here live, but left out the translation part. The thing that amazed me was that there's already a write up here in the New York Times. It wasn't that earth shattering an address. But it was nice to see him come to Congress and tell the moron congressmen from Chicago there waving orange scarves around exactly what they can to do help out Ukraine after the revolution.

Disjointed thoughts:

Glad to see that the plea to get rid of Jackson-Vanik got lots of applause.

I'm wondering how the new visa regime for Americans is going to affect me. I hope it doesn't mean I have to take trips to Poland every 90 days. Then again...I hope it does mean that I have to take trips to Poland every 90 days. Thought it was kind of funny how there was no response given to Yushenkos request to make it easier for Ukrainian students, politicians, and businessmen to visit.

A girl in my office was happy to hear him ask for more Ukrainian student-exchange programs.

Do you think anyone in that room even has any idea that there is a statue of Shevchenko in Washington?

Man, Richard Lugar had a shit eating grin on his face every time they cut to him.

Mildly surprised to hear Gongadze get directly mentioned. But that's a good thing. I hope people from the old regime get called to the carpet for that one.

Was it just me or did it seem like his discussion of CTR programs seemed like an afterthought at the end of the speech?