What was a minor headline on fark was a top story on the news here last night. Ukrainian Prime Minister and Presidential Candidate Viktor Yanukovich was hit with an egg yesterday. Something that already sounds stupid reached the level of the absurd when you actually see the footage of this. The guy got off a bus surrounded by security and was immediately pelted by a brown egg. His crack security detail notices nothing. Yanuovich doesn't even notice it at first. Then he reaches to his side where the egg hit him, feels the yolk and must think it's blood as he immediately collapses to the ground. This is noticed by his security and in a scene reminscent of the RFK assasination they pick him up off the ground and immediately carry him into an open van. He was then driven immediately to the hospital for treatment. All for getting hit by an egg. The unintentional comedy off all this really defies description. If I can find video of this on the web, I'll link to it.