I'm not even going to claim to be an expert on, or even that knowledgeable of, the Darfur situation. Honestly, I had to look up how to spell Darfur to write this freaking post ("is it 'Dafur' or 'Darfur?'"). But this Brooks column on how the "international community" has reacted to the crisis really hit home for me. This wasn't due to any personal experience, rather it was because I had just finished reading "Emergency Sex" last week. That book was as damning an account of U.N. ineptness in Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and Bosnia as I've ever read. It was written by former and current U.N. employees who were there dealing with the ineptness first hand and it wasn't just the accounts that were damning. You read what some of the authors themselves are writing about how they conducted themselves and you're left wondering how any sane person would send them to work in those places...but I digress.

Take a minute and see what Brooks has to say and take a couple hours to see what these former U.N. workers have to say.

Then head for the hills the next time you see anyone wearing a stupid light blue hat coming in your direction.