Small Amusements

There's a feature of the on-line version of the New York Times that never fails to amuse me. On their front page every day they have a little side bar that shows the top 5 most emailed articles from their paper. Check out the full list here.

Keep in mind, that this list is constantly being updated and changed, but the types of articles that are consistently in the top 5 are what amuses me. At the time I'm writing this 4 of the top 5 are basically anti-Bush/anti-conservative screeds. Number 1 is a typically meandering and incoherent bloviation from Maureen Dowd. Number 2 showcases some extreme right-wing religious nut wack-a-doo who thinks that SpongeBob Sqaurepants is trying to convert the nation's children to homosexuality. Number 3 is a Tom Friedman piece whose central thesis is that Western Europe is the world's biggest blue state. Number 4 is actually a technology piece about digital photo organizing software. Have no fear though, Number 5 is another editorial piece that says that Democrats should be happy that Bush is being innagurated because "the dollar is down, the deficit is up, foreign relations are in disarray and the party that presides over this looming miasma may well have elected its last president for decades to come." I had no idea that if things were so bad for the country people were supposed to be happy!

Why does seeing this list bring me slight mirth? Every time I see it, I can't help but get an image of some granola chomping weenie sitting at some independently run coffee shop with wi-fi, sipping chai and listening to the Kings of Convenience on their i-Pod, still bitter inside about losing to Chimpy McFlightsuit, reading the Times on their laptop after checking out democratic underground and sending out emails to people who have since "moved on" from the election, are just trying to live their lives, and don't give a shit what Maureen Dowd thinks about Condoleeza Rice (or anyone else for that matter). OR they're sending them to people that have already read and emailed the same article, mainly to show that chick they met at the A.N.S.W.E.R. rally that they're as progressive as she is. And as they fill out that form on the Times on line to email that article the complete unfairness of it all is just eating at them. I suppose this is schadenfruede at it's worst, but I've never claimed to be free of that. Christ, I stayed up until 3AM this past Sunday just so I could watch Peyton Manning choke in a big game again.

I really wish FoxNews, FreeRepublic, and the Washington Times had a similar feature.