Orange Washington?

Is the above picture from a U.S. Embassy SUV here in Kiev from late November of last year? Well, no. It's actually from a car located in Washington State (I found the picture while googling around for links for this post). I know next to nothing about the subject, outside of the basics, but from what I understand; this past November Washington State had an election for Governor. Originally the Republican candidate was declared the winner, but it was by an really close margin. After a mandatory recount, he remained the winner. The Democratic candidate then demanded a recount, got one, came out the winner by something like 130 votes, and is apparently about to be sworn into office.

Washington state republicans are apparently pissed off about this turn of events and are challenging this in court and demanding a re-vote ( I guess reports of Dead Voters will do that to people...it did here). Amusingly, protestors in Washington state seem to have taken a page from the Ukrainians' playbook and adopted the color orange for their revote campaign. Check out the end of this Seattle PI article or even the color of this blog (sound politics) which appears to be dedicated to covering this electoral mess.

Go figure, U.S. politics being influenced by events in Kiev. Posted by Hello