Blue Tents?

In his Ukraine update for today Le Sabot Post-Modern notes: "There are now 18 tents in the center of Donetsk, in hopes of a Blue Revolution. That makes about as much sense as rioters burning down their own neighborhood. The government offices are all in Kiev, so why should it bother Yushchenko if they close down the Square in Donetsk?"

That's really just awsome. How stupid are these Yanukovich supporters?

Unfortunately, Yanukovich himself doesn't seem to be entirely stupid. He's doing everything in his power to delay allowing a governmental transition to occur. I was speaking with a freelance journalist I'm acquainted with yesterday and he was telling me that the soonest we can hope for a Yushenko innaguration is the week of January 24th. This is because of all the stupid court challenges Yanukovich keeps making (or delaying in filing). It's really getting absurd though, you can't get anything done over here with a state or state-affiliated employee as they all want to sit on their hands until they see who their new boss will be...and the probably won't know that until March after everyone has been fired and replacements have been put in.

Another interesting tid-bit I gleaned from this journalist. Apparently, on December 27th, the day after the re-vote here, when it was clear that Yushenko was going to be the winner, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs just happened to issue over 200 diplomatic passports. Hmmm...wonder who got those?