Conflict at the Golden Gate! In a scene reminiscent of the Huns laying siege on Kievan Rus, a conflagration erupted at the Golden Gate during a stroll this evening. While minding my own business on an errand to the market, the woman on the right of the photo came running accross the street screaming, seemingly right at me. Luckily, it wasn't me she was screaming it, it was the guy on the left of the photo. I don't know what he had done, if anything, but this crazy woman barrelled right at him, and other men sitting on the street tossing back some beers and watching this go down physically stopped the guy. The old woman caught up to him, pulled a bottle out of one of those bags and chucked it at him. Hard. He then screamed back at her (indecipherably to my ears) and immediately started to bolt the other way to the metro. Got this picture as the guy started to run away. Shame I wasn't quick enough to capture the bottle being tossed, as that was easily the highlight of the whole mess. Posted by Hello