Got a local cell phone today. Went with a service that I have actually seen advertised and found amusing since I started coming here 2 years ago, "Ace&Base."

Please don't get this confused with early 90s Swedish pop sensation "Ace of Base."

As far as the Ukrainian cell service provider is concerned, Ace&Base are two seperate types of service plans. Judging from the SIM cards pictured above (and their actual rate structure) "Ace" is for the upwardly mobile, western influenced, chart reading, oligarch in the making.

Base, on the other hand, appears to be marketed towards the Kiev club kid. Out on the town, hitting all the trendy night spots, and taking pictures of themselves on their camera phones (which seem to be growing ubiquitous here) to send to all their friends and acquaintances to show how great of a time they are having.

I signed up with "Ace."

Incoming calls are free, so if I know you, shoot me an email and I'll get you the number. Posted by Hello