After going to the wedding in the morning, there was actually about a 4 hour break before the reception. This was to allow time for the bridal party to fulfill a tradition of driving around to local landmarks and getting there picture taken. As Christa and I were not part of the bridal party this allowed us time to come back to the apartment, hang out, and set up a wireless network. Then, around 4, we left to go to the reception. It was held at a restaurant called "Pizza Express," but the food served was Middle Eastern as the owners were apparently Muslim. There was no booze served, and it's undetermined whether or not this was because everyone there were born-again types or because the owners of the establishment were Muslim. Because there were a few English-only speakers there besides myself, everything was said twice. In Russian and English. While beneficial both here and at the wedding, this really drug out the proceedings quite a bit, especially when the MCs started inexplicably reading aloud passages of "Pride and Predjudice." Posted by Hello