And instead of just grumbling about the start time, I should probably write a bit about the Franz Ferdinand show at the 930. First and foremost, it was excellent. Those guys were tight in their playing and put on a fantastic show. If you don't believe me, watch for the DVD they'll be putting out of that show and judge for yourself. Highlights (for me anyway) were "Jacqueline," "Come on Home," and "Tell her tonight." I was wondering how some of the songs would translate live, as they are well produced on the album. My question was quickly answered though, as the songwriting stood on its on and the songs sounded fine. They played some new songs as well and they involved synthesizers, so that should please some members of the New York contingent.

I wouldn't be me if I didn't bitch about a few things though, so lets get this over with.

1) If you're more than, oh, 5' 10" and standing at a general admission show, don't move around. Pick a spot and stay in it. Shorter people behind you will position themselves to see around your melon, and when you continually move (and it isn't from dancing) it's friggin annoying.

2) Can we please keep the devil signs to Dio shows and away from dancy post-punk bands? I'm sorry, but I fail to see anything satanic about lyrics such as "Take your white finger/Slide the nail under/the top and bottom buttons of/ my blazer" and you're not even being ironic about it. Keep your fingers in your pocket. Oh, and stop requesting "Freebird" too. That isn't even close to funny anymore.

3) If you go to see a band live based solely on a hit video that's being played on MTV or a single getting play on local alternative rock radio, don't loudly bitch to your friends when said band plays an album track with homosexually leaning lyrics.

See! Nothing bad about the band itself, just those in attendance.