Above is the first in an occaisonal series of pictures of my neighborhood. This is my street. My building is on the immediate right. My doorway is the one right behind the blue sign you see on your right. Incidentally, that blue sign is for a dry-cleaner's called "Un Momento" the shirt on the sign is the same colors as the Italian flag. Apparently, Ukrainians associate Italians with quality dry-cleaning. Who knew I was missing out on my ethnic calling? Further up the street on the right is the headquarters for the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party (united, there's two Social Democrats) and across the street from them is the headquarters for the Ukranian Green Party. The Social Democrats have a much bigger and nicer building. Unfortunately out of the picture is another group of political rabble rousers called "Bratsvo." They are located on the end of my building. I can promise more on them later, as I really get a kick out of those guys. Posted by Hello