House Cleaning

OK, couple things on the agenda today:

1) Just as a general note, I cleaned up and reorganized my links over there to your right. I realize no one really gives a fig about this, but I'm telling you anyway.

2) A Presidential debate was held in Kiev last night. For a rough transcript in English of what was said, I highly recommend checking out Windowglass, who took the time to transcribe everything. I really don't have much to add to either posting I linked to. Although, I did find Yanukovich's line that "I am not struggling for power -- I am struggling against bloodshed." to be hilarious given the reports I had read that stated he had been urging Kuchma to bring out the troops against the protestors. If you were to ask the opinion of someone who received a degree in International Politics (with a minor in E. European Area Studies) from a premier institution of higher learning what Yanukovich was trying to do in the next week or so, he'd tell you that he's written off the west and the center, sees he has no chance of winning the election overall since throwing it won't be as easy as it was last time, and is instead blatantly pandering to his base in the east and trying to position himself to be able to run what will become the opposition in Parliament.

Of course, I could be wrong. And given the fact that everyone I talk to that understands everything Yanukovich is saying tells me he's an idiot; he could just be saying stupid things because he is stupid and has no clue what he's doing.

3) It looks like last night Cropp and Williams reached some sort of deal regarding financing for the Nats stadium. The Council will still have to pass the agreement that was reached and MLB will still have to sign off on things before the sabotage that occured last Tuesday is overcome. But things are looking better for the Nats coming to town. Whether or not things are looking better for the reputation of the city, however, remains to be seen.

I'd been leaving my mark all over some bloggers that have been following on-field and off-field events in the world of the Nats by linking back to my site in their comments section so I thought it only fair to give them all a shout out on the right there.