Dopplar Kiev (and Cropp sucks)

Oh yeah, it snowed today. And it's supposed to snow tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that, etc...etc...etc...Shockingly enough, I haven't seen a mass run on gastronoms and produktyi for bread, milk, and toilet paper. I also haven't seen non-stop coverage of the snow on television, Channel 1+1 hasn't changed their name to "StormCenter" 1+1, people don't seem to be driving like assholes (more so than usual anyway), schools aren't going to be closed, and the government isn't going to be shut down (because of the weather, anyway). Amazing.

How is a city in the second world (at best) country able to manage through snow, but the capital of the Western World can't?

Oh, and Linda Cropp still sucks. What the hell is this "Can we please have more time" bullshit? What was that I said about people ever taking D.C. seriously ever again? Can you imagine? She should pack up and move over here, because that's the kind of mickey-mouse horseshit I expect living in a country that has been rated the third most corrupt in the world not from the capital of the U.S. If you conducted negotiations with someone, you reached an agreement, and they were present and signed off on everything you negotiated about; then they come back to you four months after you reach that agreement and two weeks before the deadline for completion of the agreement and say "Well, actually I changed my mind I don't agree with what I signed off on before and, by the way, can you please give me six more months to get my shit together?" What would you do? D.C. is run by morons.

Oh, and while I've got snow on the mind I have a question for D.C. residents opposing the stadium. How happy are you that there's going to be $600 million available to plow your streets the next time it snows so you're not immobile for a week and a half this winter? Oh, you're not happy because that money doesn't exist as stadium money was never coming from the general fund and all your city services, including snow removal, still suck largely because of a small and difficult to enlarge tax base (we'll leave shitty management for later)? Well, keep voting corrupt, grandstanding, mental midgets into office like you do in every City election. They'll figure it out some time, I'm sure. Home rule now!!! Posted by Hello