I Guess this is Good News

At least they're talking. Peter Gammons is reporting in ESPN.com that Cropp is sitting down with MLB to try to work something out. As anyone hoping that DC will be taken seriously, you also have to love the following sentence appearing in any national publication:

"A source told Gammons on Saturday that the clock is ticking on negotiations to re-open the stadium deal. Dec. 31 has been set as the drop-dead date because Marion Berry takes office at the first of the year and will kill any park." Oy...

The next paragraph is also great:

"The source told Gammons that if the deal does not get renegotiated, commissioner Bug Selig will refuse to let the team play at RFK Stadium, home to the NFL's Washington Redskins, and could instead make the team play two seasons in Norfolk, Va. The situation is embarrassing, the source said, but baseball has no one to blame because it announced the team would move before having a deal in place with the politicians, a deal in place with Orioles owner Peter Angelos and a deal in place for their media."

Ummm...RFK stadium was home to the Redskins up until about 7 years ago. And if you think that's the ONLY reason this situation is embarrasing oh unnamed source you need to do more than read up on your NFL stadium info.

This article sent to me by another Connard tops the chart of the Unintentional Comedy Scale. I'm sure anyone following the stadium issue saw the link on Drudge to the bit about anti-stadium forces being funded by the sex industry. I think I've officially seen it all. You now have a city government actually preventing local development in order to keep three gay bars (two of which feature nude dancing), a video "arcade," and a burlesque theater open. If there is such a thing as the anti-Guiliani, I think we've just found it.

“We have to take the steps necessary to protect these businesses to the maximum extent” Councilman Jim Graham was quoted as saying.

Ponder that statement for a minute.

I've got nothing against strip clubs, gay, straight, or whatever. I've frequented my fair share. But I don't think that I would seriously consider opposition to a neighborhood improvement that would bring in much needed tax dollars from residents of other states and help better my city on the whole if it meant having to close down the Nexus Gold Club.

Then again, I guess that's why I'm not on the D.C. City Council.