Morning After the Morning After

I don't have any overarching thoughts or a big essay prepared in regards to Tuesday's election. I will instead toss some thoughts out in the manner made famous by Larrk King and Hank Kingsley.
  • While I didn't vote with "votenfruede" as my main motivation, I'd be lying if I didn't say it brought me enourmous pleasure to think about how down-trodden irrational Bush-haters must be right now (Yes, I'm looking at you writers at Salon, George Soros, any living person portrayed in Team America, "Old Europe," Ted Rall, and International A.N.S.W.E.R...to name a few)
  • It's for the best for that Kerry conceded, but I'm mildly bummed out about it for selfish reasons. I was looking forward to 4-5 weeks of hearing Slavic language speakers trying to say "Ohio." Said in Russian, it comes out more as "O-Guy-O" which had me laughing all day Wednesday.
  • If Bush "wasn't your president" on November 1st, is he your president today?
  • Before I left, Howard Stern would mention on his show at least 5 times a day that his listeners were going to swing the election for Kerry. Whoops, guess that didn't happen. Can someone tell me what he had to say on Wednesday and Thursday about this obvious non-factor in the election? Or was this mentioned at all?
  • Since fewer than 1 in 10 18-24 year olds voted in this election, does this mean P-Diddy is going to start shooting people (again)?
  • Can we give it at least a week before people on both sides of the political spectrum start talking about the Clintons (specifically Hillary in 2008)? It isn't all about them.
  • I don't think there could have been a clearer indication than this election that people don't care what rock stars have to say about politics. So please...whether I listen to your music or not, whether you're Eminem or Bruce Springsteen, from now on, can you make a promise for less talk and more rock?
That's it for now. This list might be updated as more thoughts occur to me.

UPDATE: My Stern question hasn't been answered yet, but some revealing numbers on his effect can be found here.