Things remained relatively quiet today in Kiev. I heard some representatives from the opposition claiming they would have recieved more than 50% of the vote had there not been fraud. But no one seems to have taken that as a call to take to the streets. Here anyway. Students are supposedly setting up barricades in Lviv, but I can't imagine them staying behind them for the next three weeks. Although,I suppose anything is possible if you give a college student enough Rolling Rock...errrrr...Obolon.

International Observers from OSCE are saying that the vote was riddled with irregularities. In other news, the Pope is catholic, a bear does shit in the woods, the sky is blue, and cliches are lame no matter who is using them. I did see on state-run news this evening (channel 1+1) that the CIS monitors (including the representative from Belarus, and no, I'm not kidding) said that everything with the election was hunky-dory and whatever problems there might have been were known about well in advance.