Ballot Box

Your ballot (which is secret) is then dropped into these clear ballot boxes (note the seal and string on the outside) and you're done. Opposite these boxes there appeared to be a bunch of student type "observers" as well as one cop that all looked pretty bored.

Regarding any disturbances or shenanigans, the word on the street seems to be that things will remain quiet today and tonight. Things (in my neighborhood any) seemed to be pretty quiet all day. However, I hear rumblings that there are already plans in place for a large opposition rally (large meaning 100,000 or so) tomorrow morning at the Central Bureau of Statistics (name may be a little off), as they are already anticipating funny business with the results. As I have a real job, no desire to get stuck in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation, and no idea where the Central Bureau of Statistics is located I doubt I'll be attending this. If, however, there is a demonstration on Kreshatik or Maidan, I may go check it out, work and other factors depending, no promises. Posted by Hello