AP is confirming it

The AP is saying that, according to anonymous exit polling, Yushenko has an 8 point lead (45-37%).

If announced returns tomorrow differ significantly from this number, than the following graf could conceivably present a problem:

During the balloting, the Central Elections Commission building was cordoned off with waist-high metal partitions and several water-cannon and military-type attack vehicles were under camouflage webbing, apparently in expectation of demonstrations outside the building.

About a dozen trucks loaded with sand were parked in a nearby street, possibly to be used for barricades. More than 20 buses with security forces and at least five police armored jeeps were parked in downtown Kiev, about 1 mile from the commission building. About 147,000 police were on duty and thousands of additional security forces were assigned to the capital.

Let's hope that nothing happens...