Couple Quick Things

1) Had a Warden Message in my inbox this morning from the US Embassy in Kiev. They've been pretty good about getting htem out and keeping people informed, even if the information is pretty basic stuff like "even peaceful demonstrations have the potential to turn violent." No kidding. Anyway, they reported today that they have received reports that inter-city travel within Ukraine is being restricted and that bus and train service to the city has been cancelled.

2) The Post had a great editorial this morning on the Ukraine situation. I call it great in light of the US Main Stream Media coverage I've been seeing that is tending to focus the election in terms of US interests vs. Russian interests. The Post (rightfully) refutes this and tries to remind people that at the heart of the matter is a populace that's not trying to cut ties with Moscow or align themselves with NATO, etc...etc...etc...at the heart of the matter are a people that are simply struggling to live in a free, open, and honest society.

3) Anne Appelbaum (again) has a worth reading column from yesterday that really puts events in Kiev in a good historical context.

4) Also worth reading is this piece from the Weekly Standard. The author is an ex-pat Kiev resident that I know who does a good job of explaining exactly how the election was stolen.