Back in the US

Just got back in country and I'm trying to catch up on what happened while I was over the North Atlantic. When I had left, Yushenko was on his way to meet with Kuchma. Driving back from Dulles, I heard on NPR that the Central Election Commission officially named Yanukovich the winner.

Guess the meeting didn't go too well.

But then NPR reported that Yanukovich said that he didn't want to be president if it meant that he would be viewed as "illegitimate." I have NO idea what that means.

My thinking that my coming home for the next week and a half would mean that I would completely miss out on all the protesting fun also seems to be a bit misguided. On the front page of the Post was a link to video of a demonstration going on in front of the Ukrainian Embassy on M and 33rd NW in the District. I hope they do it again so I can go check it out. I should have brought my Yushenko flag home with me.

Other things I've found are a bunch of other blogs that are covering the events in Kiev as they unfold. I could list them all here (and I probably will at least link to the ones that have been kind enough to point to me as an information souce...but that will probably have to wait until when I wake up jet lagged around 5 AM), but in the meantime I highly suggest just going to International Support for Ukrainian Democracy. At a cursory glance it looks like a good clearing house for Ukrainian information and has a handy list of "Orange Revolution" Blogs. BTW, can we please get together and come up with a name for this? Orange Revolution is fine, but I've also heard Chestnut Revolution and EuroNews was inexplicably calling it the Carnation Revolution...I guess based on the footage of Tymoshenko placing a carnation in a Riot Police shield.