Never thought I`d be typing this, but welcome Instapundit readers. Feel free to look around and check some of my archives. I`ve also got a lot of pictures and info from the first round of the election, which was as questionable as the second round, without the throngs of people in the street. Having visted polling places during both rounds I can safely say that process and substance wise, things were conducted in a near identical manner in both rounds.

Anyway, I can´t provide first hand reporting anymore, as I´m currently avoiding hookers near the Frankfurt hauptbanhoff as I wait to catch a plane home tomorrow (side note: the kabobs I`ve had here are the best I´ve ever had, hands down). According to reports I´ve seen, things I´ve read, and talking to people that are still in Kiev, things seem to be escalating in my absence. At that special parliamentary session a no-confidence vote in the Central Election commission could not be obtained as a quorum was unable to be established. However, at the end of the session, Yushenko apparently was "sworn in" as President in a move that has absolutely no legal standing. The protestors are apparently also growing in number and large crowds can now be found in Indepence Square and in front of the Parliament building. It also looks to be really freaking cold there and snow is coming down. Not going to be fun to camp out in.

Another thing that just occured to me is that there is a Champions League game in Kiev this evening between Dynamo and FC Roma. That means there`s going to be another gathering of about 80 thousand people in the middle of the city. No idea what might happen there, if anything. But it´s certainly got potential and, based on the massive secruity presence that was at the last game I attended, it´s definitely going to stretch police forces in the city pretty thin.