Uh Oh (Part II)...

It's statements like these that really get me worried. So far everything I've seen in person and in live coverage has been peaceful, thank god. But I really don't know what to expect. Given that the central elections committee here has 15 days to officially announce the results, I would think that they'll just use those 15 days and try to wait the crowd out. Given that the temperature is constantly at or below freezing at this point, that could be an effective strategy. But once official results are announced I would think that that would be the time bedlam would ensue, if it were to at all.

I'm not familiar with the Ukrainian constitution at all, so I have no idea what effect this special session of parliament could possibly have on matters. But if the Parliament and the Courts team up against the president, it's safe to say that would lead to an unquestionable crisis. I think the opposition knows this too, as during a march today they made sure (according to an acquaintance of mine that followed the march) to march past the Supreme Court and to leave the already well fortified Central Election Comission alone.

Did I mention I'm happy to be going back to the States tomorrow?