Gotta Love This

According to the front page of today's WaPo the only group of international observers in the first round of Ukraine's elections that declared it to be free and fair just happened to be funded by the Prime Minister running for president that everyone with a shred of integrity says is crooked. Oh right, did I mention that the group was comprised of former Democratic congressmen?

What doesn't this article mention? Oh, that the American political consulting firm that crooked Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich hired for campaign assistance was Shrum, Devine, and Donilon. Shrum...Shrum...why do I know that name?

It's so heartening to see that the Democratic Party seems to be as concerned with fairness, honesty, and transparency in important international elections as it is in American ones.

Plus I now can look forward to chaos in the streets if the opposition loses in a crooked election. Hopefully, any silliness can wait until after Tuesday when I go home for Thanksgiving. It took the Central Elections Commission 10 days to officially announce the results from Round 1.