State of the Blog Address

I haven't updated in a really long time, and need to do so now. In a previous post I had alluded to some news coming in the fall. Well that news has arrived and is ongoing. Work has transferred me from my position in Kiev back to DC and I'm currently in the process of moving. Spent the past two days driving from Austin to DC and will spend the next couple of days moving into an apartment in Alexandria, VA.

As to what this means for the future of the blog, I'm not really sure. Updates have obviously grown much more sporadic over the past couple of weeks, something at least partially related to this move, but they should increase in frequency once I get settled in. If you haven't already, I recommend just setting up an RSS feed and reading from that.

As far as what the content will be, I'm still not sure. I'll still be working with the FSU so I expect that there will be posts here about events in that region that catch my eye, especially in Ukraine. If I travel anywhere, I'm sure I'll post about that too.

So, that's that. Let's see how things develop.