An Open Letter to the "Kyiv Post"

In response to their August 25th, 2005 front page article "A Belgian Minstrel Comes alive in the Capital."

Dear Sirs,

I was so happy this morning to see the front page article on Michel Querriere from your August 25th issue.

Why, just this weekend, I was standing near the new Kyiv Bentley dealership on Bessarabski, watching the “elitni” in their D&G or FCUK clothes stumble out of Arena Nightclub and Casino, with it’s promises of instant riches obtainable from gaming. Most of them were drunk on $1,000.00 bottles of Cristal, yakking away on their Vertu cell phones and being escorted into their black German SUVs by professional bodyguards.

Upon observing this spectacle, I distinctly remember thinking to myself just how lucky I was to have been able to live the past year of my life in Kyiv, a city so obviously free of the “materialistic” mindset of the West. I, too, had tired of people who can never get enough of money and Kyiv has provided me with a much needed respite from the “materialistic idiots” of the West.

As a relatively new resident of Kiev trying to avoid materialism, may I be so bold as to suggest that Monsieur Querriere spend a night or two in Grigory Surkis’ tastefully subdued Premiere Palace Hotel? I would also recommend the proletarian ambiance at one of Kyiv’s best new restaurants, Decadence House. All are welcome there, regardless of means.

Thank God that Michel Querriere has decided to grace Kyiv with his presence and towering intellect for the next five years. This city obviously needs more well traveled and world-wise individuals such as him among its residents. I truly hope he doesn’t decide to de-camp to Spain or Italy this winter. If it grows too cold for him, perhaps some of Kyiv’s famous philanthropists, such as the aforementioned Mr. Surkis, Viktor Pinchuk or better yet President Yushenko’s son, Andrey, would be willing to lend him a room in one of their well heated apartments.


Mike Connor