Tallinn, It's the new Prague!

Back from Tallinn. Picture above is the upper portion of the Old Town there, known locally as "Toompea." The old town of Tallinn was pretty nice. Everything outside of the old town looked like a mix of Soviet and Scandinavian; which, I suppose, is quite appropriate considering the location. I had read lots of things before hand about how the Estonian people are quite stand-offish, cold, and slow. I didn't find that to be the case at all, except for the staff of Estonian Airlines.

It's not entirely inaccurate to say that Estonia is the new Prague either. Having already overrun Prague with their loutishness, Tallinn seems to be in the opening stages of being overrun by groups of drunken British stag party punters. Seriously, the next time I have to listen to someone bloviate about how classless Americans are when they travel overseas, I'm going to have to ask them if they've ever seen these idiots in action. Were I British, I'd be embarrassed.