Well, that's over and done with. The once future-Mrs.-Connard is now just Mrs. Connard. Everything went great on Saturday. Ceremony, reception, the whole thing. Any and all stresses that I had been experiencing were wiped away within moments of saying "I do" or was it "I will?" I can't remember. I'm really glad everyone that went out to Texas for this came out and seemed to have a good time. Maybe i'll put up some pics later if/when I get them. Seeing as how i was otherwise occupied, I didn't take any.

Now comes the fun part. I'm currently blogging from lovely Buenos Aires as my child bride rests up after spending 14 hours in a plane yesterday. For the next two weeks instead of being an UKRBlog we're going to be an Argie-Blog. Check back in occaisionally as we escape winter in Ukraine for Summer in the Southern Cone. Should be fun.