As much as I bitch about the power on my building in Kiev going out and my high speed connection in Kiev going out, it amazes me that all in all, I have a better internet connection over there than I do when I come to the states. I've been stuck with dial up for the past week and it absolutely kills me. Farting around on the internet is more annoying than anything else when you're waiting for a page to load, which translates to less blogging as I come accross fewer things to link to and forget about uploading pictures. What a pain.

Anyway, still in Austin will be until Sunday. Everyone is slowly starting to arrive in town for the event and while I love my family and friends dearly each arrival seems to slightly increase the general stress level. Most of the time they aren't even doing anything to cause me worry or concern (yet) but now i have to worry about other people being comfortable. Or at least happy. I really shouldn't be complaining. At the least it's kind of funny experiencing first hand what I normally see only in the people whose wedding I am attending.

And while I'm on the subject of weddings, I have recently come to the conclusion that there are billions of dollars in the U.S. economy that is dependent upon people getting married. I'm not just talking about the caterers, venues, clothiers, etc...but department stores, hotels, and airlines too. Lookign at some of the lovely gifts we've already received couldn't help but make me think that no one would be buying nice china unless there was a wedding to buy it for. I wouldn't have even thought about asking for it had the shortly-to-be Mrs. Connard not informed me that yes, this was important. OK.

Thus, for the economic impact alone I think our nation's politicians should all immediately support gay marraige. All wedding-related contributions to the nation's GDP would immediately increase by 5-10%, depending on who you believe. I don't think Jeebus ever said anything specifically about marriage anyway. So he wouldn't object.