More Not Getting It

Ok. You KNOW things are screwey when writers for The Nation are essentially agreeing with Pat Buchanan. My favorite line from this anti-democratic hatchet piece has to be this one:

"Putin has been clumsy, but to accuse Russia of imperialism because it shows close interest in adjoining states and the Russian-speaking minorities who live there is a wild exaggeration."

I don't know where to begin with this. I wonder what people in Moldova (that aren't in Trans-Dniestra), Georgia (that aren't in Abkhazia), anyone in Tajikistan, or ANY non-Russian from the Baltic States have to say about that statement.

I also have to wonder what this hacks opinion is of Germany militarizing the Rhineland, annexing Austria, and annexing the Sudentland in the 1930s. I mean, Hitler was a democratically elected leader just like Putin and all he was doing was protecting German speakers in the Rhine and Austria, and a German speaking minority in Czechoslovakia.

Oh, but that's right, according to these nut-jobs BUSH is Hitler.

Never mind that the opposition that the US is supposedly backing has announced that it's pulling out of Iraq. Never mind that the spread of democratic regimes has always been viewed as a good thing up untill November of 2000. If something good is happening internationally and people are either liberating themselves or being liberated while Bush is in office, it's evil U.S. meddling in others affairs. How dare we?

And, like the post-modern clog said yesterday, everytime you hear someone make a moral equivalence argument between Yushenko and the opposition and Yankovich and the government, first look at Yushenko's face and see what those in power did to him. Then do some reading on what happened to Gyorgi Gongadze's head. Look at the turnout results in Donestsk and Lugansk where over 100% of eligible voters turned out, and all of them voted for Yanukovich.

Sickening really.