Planet of Sound

Anyway, the main point of the excursion was to see the Pixies in concert at the Tweeter Center. There they are above (minus Joey Santiago...he's off to the left). Excellent show. Chit chat was limited to when Frank Black (or I guess Black Francis in this instance) was having guitar problems. Otherwise it was just song after song after song. Opening act the Datsuns were really boring. As were the other opening act the Bennies, but at least they had a midget doing lead vocals. The Pixies set was quite long and comprehensive. Most of Surfer Rosa, Doolittle, Bossa Nova, and Trompe Le Monde was covered. They opened with Velouria, closed with Tame, and the encore was Gigantic. When I can find a set list posted on line, I'll link to it. Posted by Hello