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This photo was from a mildly amusing situation. We were out walking around in the Palermo area of Buenos Aires our last weekend in the city and saw this large parade going on that looked like a neighborhood version of Mardi Gras celebrations. This was all going on after midnight on Saturday and there were tons of small kids running around enjoying the festivities, playing on swings, spraying each other with silly string, watching mini parades, etc...and these kids were as young as 4, some were still in strollers. Also keep in mind that actual Mardi Gras and Carnival was in early February and this was all taking place on the 26th or 27th. We get back to our hotel (which was actually a pretty nice neighborhood B&B) and we ask the night clerk what was going on. She says "It's carnival." we say, "No, carnival was earlier this month. It's Lent now." She said, "It's carnival." So I guess Mardi Gras is quite an extended event in BA. This picture is from one of the mini parades.