We're not gonna protest...

If the US Embassy emails me a warden message advising me to stay away from the Embassy this Friday due to a scheduled "peaceful protest" by a group called "Bereginya Ukrainy" (Protectors of Ukraine) what do they expect me to do? Why, show up and take pictures of course!

All the signs were in Ukrainian, and my Ukrainian is even worse than my Russian. But, near as I could tell, these were people all supporting the current Prime Minister in his campaign for the presidency. They were protesting because they feel that the U.S. is supporting the opposition candidate, and thus trying to subject Ukraine to a revolution. It was a completely peaceful gathering, and everyone just lined up accross the street, held up their signs, and layed out petitions complaing about whatever they were complaining about.

If anything, it got kind of boring after a while. And once I figured out that the current Prime Minister was probably behind it and nothing untowards was going to happen, I went back home for lunch. Posted by Hello